29 Looks from Emily's Closet

Our friend Emily recently became a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and just started a new job with a local wine distributor here in Salt Lake. She has been working as a bartender/sommelier at a FAH-BULOUS Italian restaurant here in Salt Lake called Lugano and has worn a uniform to work for years. She asked us for some advice on what to wear to her final job interview, so we raided her closet and came up with a few options. After she got the job she asked us to raid her closet again and come up with some new work looks for her.

Her new sales job involves all kinds of fun and fabulous activities including meeting with proprietors of Salt Lake Clubs, hosting tasting events and dining out at lots of yummy restaurants. She needs looks that are professional and fun and casual at the same time.

Emily's closet is full of so-great-I-want-to-steal-them jeans and boots along with great staples from Ann Taylor, Zara, and Banana Republic. She told us that her style inspiration is Jennifer Aniston. With that in mind we put together these looks:

Print skirt with black top and pumps. Perfect for meetings or a lunch appointment.

Khaki skirt with military jacket and ruched top with black boots. These black boots were a favorite of ours.

The first of many many pairs of fantastic skinny jeans. We loved this motorcycle jacket. With a sparkly little top underneath and some fun heels, this is great for a night out.

This was my favorite outfit. I wanted to steal it. Seriously. Dark skinny jeans, drapey top with cardigan and wicked high heels.

Loved grey with grey with a pop of color.

This is a great outfit and super simple - LBD and animal print ruffle kitten heel. Yum.

This is great for an afternoon of wine tasting, no?

We loved this great dress and tried to find a way to make it work for fall. Pair with skinny black jeans and voila!

This is a great basic work outfit - khaki pencil skirt, black sweater and heels.

Oh! I loved this grey trench coat and great patent leather heels. I may be in a bit of a grey period right now. ANYWAY, we paired it with a print top and dark jeans.

MMMMMMmmmm. Love these boots. Pair with skinny jeans and military jacket.

We say don't be afraid of horizontal strips - on top and on bottom! We loved this combo.

Gray v-neck sweater with distressed jeans and ankle boots.

Same sweater with khaki pencil skirt and silver heels dresses it up a bit.

Striped skirt with black sweater, opaque tights and those yummy black boots.

Emily has lots of great jackets. Very Jennifer Aniston!

Another great jacket. Paired with a black pencil skirt and our favorite black boots.

Yes, it's those boots again! This time with a long grey skirt and black top.

These boots were another favorite of ours.

Skinny black jeans and a fun top with a black cardigan and THE boots.

Drapey grey top, skinny jeans and the fab patent leather pumps.

Chanel-y jacket with striped top and jeans with silver pumps.

Another great pair of jeans, great pair of boots with my coveted cardigan and paisley top.

This is pretty much what I wear to work every day. Simple black dress and black heels. So easy to pull together in the morning.

Another great pair of boots. Paired with a bomber jacket and button up top.

Long drapey sweater vest with skinny jeans and a great heel.

The same great pieces - grey top, military jacket, black boots, pencil skirt - used in a new combination.

Another combination of pieces - striped skirt, black cardigan, black heels. Totally new outfit!

The fun part of this was that we pulled this together with just the pieces that were in her closet. Try it! It's like shopping with stuff that you already have!


Les Franglais said...

OMG - sooo need you here! New job. New clothes needed. Badly. HELP!!!

Jenn said...

I need you to do this for me too! Except I need you to help me find the clothes...and then make outfits from them!

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