Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is Dad's birthday. AND, (I'm not making this up) he is at the outlet mall with Mom as I write this, which I suppose shows the ultimate commitment to the Cheaping Girls.

Dad, you are really the backbone of our operation, whether it's carrying our bags, making sure that our cars stay on the road, building our chicken coops, making a comfy bed out of your truck so we don't ever have to officially "camp", or (as much as it infuriates me sometimes) never letting us pay for dinner or a movie.

We love your enthusiasm for politics, your commitment to your hobbies, your love of the wild wild west, and how you always want the best things that life has to offer. We love that you give us good advice without telling us what to do and no matter what, that you are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS there when we need you.

Happy Birthday.

All Our Love,

The Cheaping Girls
Pam, Natalie, Janaan, Christina, Eliza, Alexis and G.


Kate said...

Janaan that picture made me tear up! Just beautiful. You should enter it in Pioneer Woman's photo contest right now. And Happy Birthday Papa Cheaping!