Eat.Pray.Love. I'm.So.Excited.

I absolutely adored this book. ADORED IT. I think I may have cried when we talked about it book club. Alright, I know I cried. And yes, it was the ugly cry.

When I heard it was being made into a movie starring Julia Roberts, I was like "eh."

I didn't see how all of that brilliant writing, that writing that spoke to me, that WAS me, that stirred my soul and put onto paper so much of what I have gone through and was going through and still going through, that expressed what I was actually living, could be a movie starring Julia Roberts.

And then I saw the preview.

And I got the chills.

And I must admit, I cannot wait to see this movie.


Les Franglais said...

Dude... you are like Oprah. you recommend something and people run to buy it. people like me. who dont have a life. and need others to tell them what they should find out for themselves. so i shall read. and report back. bye now. x