I Will Love You All The Days of My Life

Mom has been busy helping her boss prepare his condolences for a funeral today. The funeral is for a close family friend's 17-year old daughter who passed away very suddenly.

She asked what he was thinking in terms of flowers and he suggested 99 Roses, because 99 Roses means "I will love you all the days of my life."

Isn't that just the most lovely, lovely thought?

Now we are all intrigued about the secret language of flowers.

We don't really think about the meaning of flowers today whenever we give them, we just pick out a pretty flower and we give it to someone but actually the real meaning behind flowers and their secret language has been lost.

The Victorians used flowers as a discreet form of communication. During the 18th century sending flower messages based on a Turkish secret language of flowers became popular. This was known as sending a 'Persian Salaam' - a coded bouquet to reveal your feelings of love or attraction. The Victorians became very knowledgeable in flower language and chose and arranged their bouquets carefully.

The study of the meaning of flowers is an actual science known as floriography, and it reveals an extra underlying meaning to sending or receiving flowers - subtle and secret messages can be passed through the different type of flowers. -- The Language and Meaning of Flowers


Anonymous said...

Hey Ladies. Just wanted to let you know that I check out your blog every couple months or so. Not gay, just need a good laugh every now and then. Awesome post. Had no idea about the hidden meanings behind the giving of certain flowers. Anyway, hope all of you are doing well. Say hey to Jake for me also....please.

Nate Sellers (sellersnathan@yahoo.com)