Oh So Yummy Lotion

We were given this "recipe" for home made lotion by our fab sis-in-law/Auntie Babs and we have now made it 3 times. We're ready to say - it's great and oh so moisturizing. As you know we are dry gals and live in a desert. This combo is not too greasy and really keeps your skin feeling supple all day. Slather it on your feet, hands and body.

Here's the deal:
- 2 - 15oz Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (any flavor!) or we used 1 - 27oz bottle
- 8oz Vitamin E Cream (not lotion) by Fruit of the Earth comes in 2pk of 4oz jars at the Walmarts
- 1 - 7.5oz Vaseline - we have used up to 13oz of Vaseline (this is not rocket science and it turns out no matter what.)

Mix lotion and Vitamin E cream in a glass or stainless steel bowl with electric beaters. Add Vaseline about 1/4 of the jar at a time until fluffy and creamy.
Pour into a gallon zip lock bag.
Cut a small hole in the corner and squeeze into clean jars.
You can use the empty Vitamin E jars and anything you have around. I suppose you could even use wide mouth pint canning jars. We found our large jars at World Market for $2.99 and the small jars for $0.99. This would be a fun project for youth groups or girl scouts.

Enjoy your now smooth skin!