Good News For All You Wanna Be Photographers Out There

Good news for all you wannabe photographers out there! Or for anyone who just wants to take better pictures. One of our favorite photographers — and the stylish mind behind A Yummy Life — will be offering one more beginning photography class on July 13th.

We attended her May class and LOVED IT. Don't Mom and I look all serious about photography and stuff??

At the beginning of this year we made a goal to take more beautiful pictures. Jodi's class showed us tricks to make our pictures stand out and she also taught us to work those fancy cameras of ours.

Baby G, BC (Before Class)

Baby G, AC (After Class)

All on the manual setting! No more automatic for us. I've even got a little bokeh in there. What? you don't know what bokeh is? This class will tell you!
I know I'm no Annie Leibowitz, but I'm trying.

If you're interested in learning tricks of the trade and having a very fun evening, take the class. More info here.


Jodi Palmer said...

Look at that picture!!! I LOVE it.

Leilani Bascom said...

Yes, that's a beautiful photograph! Well done! One awesome thing about you being able to take photos of your beautiful daughter at this age, is that she will smile so easily for you! She loves you!