Glass Food Storage

The big theme around our house lately is all about making healthier choices - especially when it comes to food. I could go on and on about our new philosophies on hormone free, humanely treated, grass fed meat and foods that don't have preservatives, but I'll save that for another time.
One way I am trying to keep my food safer is by using glass food storage containers. It's funny, I had been worried about using BPA free bottles for my baby, but I didn't think about doing that for my food.
Recently actress Mariel Hemingway was on Good Morning America, and she echoed what I had been hearing about using glass. She said to "store your food in glass containers instead of plastic ones. If plastic is exposed to high temperatures (such as from warming in a microwave oven) there’s a possibility that harmful chemicals such as BPA leach into your food, studies show. You can wash out and re-use glass baby food jars, glass peanut butter jars, or glass pasta sauce jars."
I found this set of Denmark Lock and Seal glass storage at my local Sam's Club.
I love how they look and that I see all the contents clearly.


Lindsay said...

Crate and Barrel has some good glass storage options too.