Time for Curls?

My hair is getting well past my shoulders. You might think that I think "Yay! My hair is finally long!" But really, I'm getting bored. B.O.R.E.D. Here's the problem when I get bored with my hair - my next step is usually to chop some or all of it off. Last time I chopped some thick straight bangs like Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada, thinking, of course, that I would look like Anne Hathaway. (I did not look like Anne Hathaway. I looked like me, with really awful bangs. )

My most drastic hair-boredom-cut was about 10 years ago when the lovely, lovely, lovely Gwyneth Paltrow was sporting that super short do in the movie Sliding Doors. Do you remember that era? Everyone had 2 inch hair and wore it all crazy with little bobby pins. The problem with that 'do was that my head is about 47 sizes bigger than Gwyneth Paltrow's so basically I looked like a Martian with short blond hair and too many bobby pins.

So, needless to say, I'm trying to resist some kind of drastic haircut. Then I came across this email from the Lovely Miss-T about the Her Styler curling iron. Miss-T has some amazing hair (Check out the picture of Miss-T from South by Southwest this year below. Yes, that's really her.) and she swears by this curling iron. The website says it's $250 but she said she got it from some crazy cart in the mall for $150.

I think that maybe this curling iron would be a wise investment for me right now. Wise indeed.


Jenny & Eric said...

I did a google search and Amazon has it for about $45.

Lady T said...

Thanks for the lovely compliments! I wish I could say I was that gifted in doing my hair (you should've seen me 3 years ago). If you girls want to learn how to do hair & makeup, check out: itsjudytime on YouTube. She's brilliant at giving tutorials on all beauty related items.

Les Franglais said...

Nat - I have seen some pretty dramatic hair cuts from you over the years but you always look fab... thing is, you do what none of us have the guts to do: walk into a salon and say: "I'd like to change my head please!"... so as long as you don't do a katy Perry on us then we're cool! xxx