Good News For All You Wanna Be Photographers Out There

Good news for all you wannabe photographers out there! Or for anyone who just wants to take better pictures. One of our favorite photographers — and the stylish mind behind A Yummy Life — will be offering one more beginning photography class on July 13th.

We attended her May class and LOVED IT. Don't Mom and I look all serious about photography and stuff??

At the beginning of this year we made a goal to take more beautiful pictures. Jodi's class showed us tricks to make our pictures stand out and she also taught us to work those fancy cameras of ours.

Baby G, BC (Before Class)

Baby G, AC (After Class)

All on the manual setting! No more automatic for us. I've even got a little bokeh in there. What? you don't know what bokeh is? This class will tell you!
I know I'm no Annie Leibowitz, but I'm trying.

If you're interested in learning tricks of the trade and having a very fun evening, take the class. More info here.

Burning a hole...

I have a $50 visa gift card burning a hole in my pocket.
I really want to use it to buy something I normally wouldn't.
Here are a few things I'm thinking about:

Fujifilm Instax Mini

(Estelle, are these shoes a fabulous French girl would wear?)

What do you think I should get?

Time for Curls?

My hair is getting well past my shoulders. You might think that I think "Yay! My hair is finally long!" But really, I'm getting bored. B.O.R.E.D. Here's the problem when I get bored with my hair - my next step is usually to chop some or all of it off. Last time I chopped some thick straight bangs like Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada, thinking, of course, that I would look like Anne Hathaway. (I did not look like Anne Hathaway. I looked like me, with really awful bangs. )

My most drastic hair-boredom-cut was about 10 years ago when the lovely, lovely, lovely Gwyneth Paltrow was sporting that super short do in the movie Sliding Doors. Do you remember that era? Everyone had 2 inch hair and wore it all crazy with little bobby pins. The problem with that 'do was that my head is about 47 sizes bigger than Gwyneth Paltrow's so basically I looked like a Martian with short blond hair and too many bobby pins.

So, needless to say, I'm trying to resist some kind of drastic haircut. Then I came across this email from the Lovely Miss-T about the Her Styler curling iron. Miss-T has some amazing hair (Check out the picture of Miss-T from South by Southwest this year below. Yes, that's really her.) and she swears by this curling iron. The website says it's $250 but she said she got it from some crazy cart in the mall for $150.

I think that maybe this curling iron would be a wise investment for me right now. Wise indeed.

Oh So Yummy Lotion

We were given this "recipe" for home made lotion by our fab sis-in-law/Auntie Babs and we have now made it 3 times. We're ready to say - it's great and oh so moisturizing. As you know we are dry gals and live in a desert. This combo is not too greasy and really keeps your skin feeling supple all day. Slather it on your feet, hands and body.

Here's the deal:
- 2 - 15oz Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (any flavor!) or we used 1 - 27oz bottle
- 8oz Vitamin E Cream (not lotion) by Fruit of the Earth comes in 2pk of 4oz jars at the Walmarts
- 1 - 7.5oz Vaseline - we have used up to 13oz of Vaseline (this is not rocket science and it turns out no matter what.)

Mix lotion and Vitamin E cream in a glass or stainless steel bowl with electric beaters. Add Vaseline about 1/4 of the jar at a time until fluffy and creamy.
Pour into a gallon zip lock bag.
Cut a small hole in the corner and squeeze into clean jars.
You can use the empty Vitamin E jars and anything you have around. I suppose you could even use wide mouth pint canning jars. We found our large jars at World Market for $2.99 and the small jars for $0.99. This would be a fun project for youth groups or girl scouts.

Enjoy your now smooth skin!

Glass Food Storage

The big theme around our house lately is all about making healthier choices - especially when it comes to food. I could go on and on about our new philosophies on hormone free, humanely treated, grass fed meat and foods that don't have preservatives, but I'll save that for another time.
One way I am trying to keep my food safer is by using glass food storage containers. It's funny, I had been worried about using BPA free bottles for my baby, but I didn't think about doing that for my food.
Recently actress Mariel Hemingway was on Good Morning America, and she echoed what I had been hearing about using glass. She said to "store your food in glass containers instead of plastic ones. If plastic is exposed to high temperatures (such as from warming in a microwave oven) there’s a possibility that harmful chemicals such as BPA leach into your food, studies show. You can wash out and re-use glass baby food jars, glass peanut butter jars, or glass pasta sauce jars."
I found this set of Denmark Lock and Seal glass storage at my local Sam's Club.
I love how they look and that I see all the contents clearly.