The Magic of Memory Foam

For about two months straight I was having incredible headaches.
Seriously, I would wake up with a headache and it would last almost all day long or until I took some Excedrin. Since I don't want to spend my life having to ingest chemicals to function, I tried to find another remedy. First I had to figure out the root of the problem - was it my pillow, my husband or something more?
Since my neck was also hurting everyday, I made an educated guess that it might be the root of my problems. I then started to notice how I would toss and turn at night, constantly re-adjusting my pillow.
I decided I would get a memory foam pillow and see if it helped. While at my trusty Ross I picked one up for a mere $14.99 and brought it home.
Every day since (almost 2 months now) I have been headache free. Bliss.
Thanks Memory Foam!


Erica said...

okay, i have been having the worst neck pain. i am seriously going to try this!!

also, you wanted to know where i got my little boys easter picture taken. i too thought the mall easter bunny wasn't great. i got them done at photo by emilie. i will be honest, i don't typically love her work (i hope that isn't mean) but she did little 10 minute sessions with live bunnies for ten bucks. i figured if they turned out bad i didn't spend that much. but i love how they turned out.
if you google photo by emilie she does mini sessions quite a bit for different holidays.
i hope that helps!!