It's Baaaaaccccckkkk!!!

This morning, I squirted out the last few drops of my Lacoste Pour Femme perfume. This is one of the most divine fragrances ever. Lacoste (or rather P&G, owner of the Lacoste fragrance line) started selling Pour Femme in 2003. I distinctly remember the day that I took my first whiffs of this heavenly scent. We were waiting for a table at a restaurant and a rather stylish lady walked by us. All of us snapped our heads and instantaneously communicated with quick glances at each other that we wanted to know what scent this woman was wearing. Mom quickly blurted out the question and she told us it was Lacoste Pour Femme.

We have been wearing it ever since. A couple of years ago it got harder and harder to find. It was impossible to obtain it in a Lacoste store and it slowly started disappearing from such prestigious outlets as Purfumania and random flea markets. I once made the mistake of buying the hideous Lacoste "For Her" thinking that maybe they just came out with an English translation. (Sorry all you Lacoste "For Her" lovers out there, it just couldn't hold a candle to my dear "Pour Femme".) So, I shed a few tears, moved into a serious Jo Malone phase and saved my precious last bottle of Pour Femme for rainy days. Yes, it's raining here today.

I was planning to do a "Farewell to Lacoste Pour Femme" post, and then I thought I'd Google it to see what the hell happened. And what do you know?? You can buy it everywhere again!! And you can buy the lotion too!!!

What happened? Did I give up too soon? Were all of those teens working behind the Lacoste counters ill informed? Did someone find a giant box of product in a warehouse somewhere? Did P&G infuse this line with some needed capital? Did someone realize that the world was a better place with Pour Femme in it?? In any case, I've placed my order for body cream!! (I just accidentally typed booty cream, but I suppose you can put it on your booty too!)

MWAH!! MWAH!! MWAH!! Kisses to you Lacoste!!

P.S. Don't worry J and Mom, I got some for you too!!


Janaan said...

Woo Hoo! I haven't had the lotion in soooo long. You're the best!

Pam said...

Whoa Nat! You kept this little surprise to yourself! I'm so excited because I really hate most scents (yup they all made me sick during pregnancies yonks ago). I'm giddy!

Kim said...

Just added this to my Mom's Day list...thanks!

Marni said...

You can go to this site and get a free sample of the Lacoste Sport

Kate said...

I went online and ordered sample and got it yesterday. LOVE it! So warm. I will be buying more. Thanks for the heads up!