Toscano Pizzeria & Gelato

I'm not really a food snob, but I know what I like and I'm a harsh judge.
I make quick judgments about some restaurants before I even sit down. If the place has a bad vibe - I'm out. Next judgment comes with the bread basket. It needs to be fresh and warm (I prefer artisan or other nice bread varieties but if it's fresh it will pass.) Next it's the salad and I am the most opinionated about that. If it's a pile of iceberg lettuce and carrot shreds with ranch, that's a deal killer.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk into this new restaurant Toscano Pizzeria & Gelato in Sandy (in a strip mall no less!) last week. The vibe was good. It felt like I was in a restaurant in a bigger city. Finding a good non-chain restaurant in our fair city is hard to do, so when it happens I am thrilled. I was there on a Saturday night and they had live music too. The smells from the fire oven really sealed the deal.

When the menu had my favorite arugula salad and my husbands favorite caprese salad I was giddy.

We ordered the Fresh Sliced Prosciutto pizza with crushed San Marzano Tomatoes, Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, finished with fresh Arugula (yup more Arugula!) It was heavenly. Really fresh, delicious tasting food.

Top off the meal with Italian Gelato. They have too may flavors to mention. I'm crazy about the Cherry Yogurt.

Run don't walk to Pizzeria Toscano

17 E 11400S
Sandy UT 84070

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Jodi Palmer said...

Good to know. I always drive by wondering if it was any good. It looks delicious we'll have to try it out.