Oscar Hit

MTV dubbed her worst dressed and called her gown "ridiculous" but the purple Givenchy Couture gown worn by Zoe Saldana was my favorite of the night.
What was your favorite dress?


Kate said...

OMH so annoyed at the critics for that one. I LOVED Zoe's dress. It was amazing.

The critics ripped on Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock too but i loved their dresses. They looked gorgeous!

My favs were probably Penelope Cruz and Queen Latifah.

Natalie said...

I thought she looked GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS and the SHOES. Oh, my, the shoes. Actually I would have to say that EVERYONE had on absolutely fabulous shoes last night.

Sandra Bullock head to toe was my pick for best dressed. I also thought that Mo'Nique, Oprah, Barbara Streisand and Meryl Streep all looked fantastic. Agree with Kate on Queen Latifah.

Loved SJP from the back, but from the front I thought it was a little potato-sacky. Thought that most of the men looked frumpy and like they needed a haircut. Was there a reason all of the Precious crew was in blue?

I have the Red Carpet TiVo'd so I might have more to say later!! Ah, the Oscars.

Kim said...

loved Sandra Bullock and so happy that she won!!! loved her speech too ;) she is a fave of mine
need to go back and look at the shoes now.....love the oscars!

Life Is Good said...

I folded laundry while I watched the Oscars. Absolutely fabulous I know.