140 Words or Less

I have a Twitter account but I am very bad at doing updates. I really only use it now to follow other people.
While I enjoy reading about the everyday things other people do, I always think that no one wants to read about the mundane details of my life. For instance, when I'm up at 2am painting my walls and watching old episodes of Modern Family.
I also love the idea of journaling but I am very bad at sitting down each night and writing out my thoughts and feelings. It's too hard for me to write every single night. I'd rather be doing anything else, really.
Then it hit me. I should do a "Twitter Journal." Each night I will write a brief tidbit about my day in 140 words or less. That way I capture each day without a lot of pressure that an entire blank journal page brings.
Turns out this wasn't a totally original idea. I found this journal on Amazon.

It has just enough space to record a single thought, special event or quote for everyday for the next five years.
Perfect! I am ordering one now.


Kim said...

speaking of modern family...did you see the oscar commercial? loved it! can't wait for a new episode this week!

Janaan said...

Yes! I love how the even the promos get me laughing.