Run Fat Girl, Run!

I signed up for the Huntington Beach Surf City Half Marathon last November, thinking that having it on the calendar would help me keep my holiday binge eating in control and help me actually LOSE weight before the race. Well, that was not to be. But I still went last weekend, and along with my fabulous friend Lisa, finished in a respectable time. Check out the sweet surf board medals! WHOOP!

BOTH Janaan and Lisa's husband Scott have noted that if I can do this well with zero training and while consuming large amounts of alcohol and food, what could happen if I actually TRIED?? HMMM??? Well, you're on Scott and Janaan!! It's 10 weeks to the Salt Lake Half Marathon and I am...drumroll please...actually going to train for it!! This means following my training plan (or rather, following the training plan that Lisa has so kindly mapped out for me), eating healthy, and NO ALOCOHOL for the next 10 weeks. Sigh. I'll miss you most of all Sunday evening glass or two of wine.

Lisa wants to finish the Salt Lake half in less than 2 hours and I want to be right by her side to support her! This will mean shaving 2 minutes off of my current mile time. Have I mentioned that Lisa is fabulous? She has always been someone that inspired me - as a fellow marketer, as a friend, as a kick-ass cancer survivor, as a sister, as a mother, and definitely as someone who is constantly pushing to stay in shape. If not for Lisa, I would not be running. I probably wouldn't even have a gym membership. I actually have TWO gym memberships right now. Seriously. So, let the training begin!! Here are some of my recent favorite running discoveries:


Lisa introduced me to this book: Slow Fat Triathlete. If you're interested in running, swimming, biking, or all three in one event, you really should check out this book. It's not only full of useful, practical tips for those of us that don't ever expect (or even really want) to be crossing the Ironman finish line at Kona, it is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love you Jayne Williams.

I am constantly changing out my running music. These are my favorite tracks right now:
  • David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi: Memories
  • Pitbull featuring Akon: Shut it Down
  • Ke$ha: Tik Tok
  • One Republic: All the Right Moves
  • Kid Cudi featuring Billy Craven: My World
  • Timbaland featuring Justin Timberlake: Carry Out
  • Passion Pit: Moth's Wings
  • Nikelback: Burn It to the Ground
  • Phoenix: 1901
  • David Guetta featuring Akon: Sexy Bitch
  • Jay-Z featuring Mr. Hudson: Young Forever

And yes, it's probably becoming cliche, but I am a SUCKER for I've Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas.

What?? Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian, USDA Certified Organic, a Natural Source of Energy AND shaped like Sharks?? Count me in!!
These totally cute twin sisters were working their booth at the Surf City Expo and wearing matching cheetah print running skirts. I was instantly smitten! I love running skirts and they definitely have the cutest skirts I've seen (and their skirts have no interior seams so your lady bits don't get chafed, I know, I know, TMI, but you have to think about these things). I was tempted to buy the plaid print in every color but ended up with the camo print. Camo and hot pink, is there anything better?? And 15% of all sales of Skirt Camp camouflage apparel benefits wounded soldiers and military families funds. Nice! This is what I'll be wearing for the Salt Lake City Half!!

You can't do stuff like this without a lot of love. Thanks to Lisa for being my inspiration and motivation, to Mom and Dad for watching Lucy, to Tiff for being so supportive and a great cheerleader (we missed you!!), to Charley and the Crazy Cousins for pulling our rental car out of the mud (that's another story), to Scott for being so damn funny, and especially to Alek for being my sunshine every single day and for being there when I crossed the finish line.

Come on, run the Salt Lake Half Marathon with us! April 17th, 2010, 7:00 AM. More info at:


KamilahNYC said...

You are amazing! Good luck!!

Janaan said...

Seriously, Natalie is rock star! She can spend her free time shopping and eating with me, then run a half marathon with great time. I, on the other hand, get winded running up the stairs in my house...

zobars said...

Hey Natalie,
I was just wondering have you tried Zumba dance exercise. It is really fun if you like dancing. I tried a class at our local gym and I enjoyed every bit of it and I am not a good dancer. It does give you quite a workout. Check it out if you can.

Tiffany said...

I will be there with you at the Salt Lake 1/2! Hopefully in the under two hour range. Next year I want that surfboard medal!