Aaahh, Love!

I get really excited when the holiday Starbucks cups are out. I don't know why. To me, it signals that the holiday season has begun. I also love Valentine's Day. Sorry to all the haters out there, but I do love it. I love the cheesiness, the candy hearts, the excuse to tell everyone in the world that you love them. I think it's because Mom has always made our Valentine's day really special. I love you Mom!

Anyway, I noticed that Starbucks has a new line of "Love" cups out just in time for Valentines Day. My cup is making me smile as I sit stuck in a hotel ballroom all day. The cups are part of the Starbucks Love Project, in conjunction with (red). For every drawing that is added to their Love Gallery, $0.05 is donated help fight AIDS in Africa. And who knows, your drawing might end up on a cup someday and make someone smile as they sit stuck in a hotel ballroom all day.

Check out the gallery at