Such a Tease

I have been on the lookout for a teasing comb. I need a little lift in my otherwise very fine and straight hair. I don't mean the "bump-it" size of lift, let's not go that far.
I had read about a teasing brush in InStyle magazine, so I waltzed into my local beauty supply and asked for it. Both workers told me the brush was terrible and immediately took me to the checkout counter where front and center they were displaying the WaaLaa teasing comb.
The brand name alone had me sold. However, I had to think twice before buying since this little gem is $24.00. The price did hurt my cheaping girl instincts, but it's worth it. So far it's added a nice oomph without tangling or causing static.
I only found one website - that carried the teasing comb but no price was listed. Check your local beauty supply.
"This will be your new best friend. With four rows of stainless steel pins one stroke is really four strokes. You and all your clients can backcomb in one fourth the time and have a smooth finish to comb back through. Made from a hard rubber and stainless steel pins this comb will perform."

Maybe this comb will make me look as fabulous as Betty Draper.


Erica said...

So fun to be blog friends. I am loving your blog and just added it to my google reader!!
As for this comb, i really may have to purchase one now. Sometimes i just need a little lift too... so glad you're not rollin' the "bump it" lift!!

Anonymous said...

You can buy online for $19.95 at