Pamela Anderson Just Might Be a Genius (a.k.a. A Personal Retraction)

I've never been a fan of Uggs. I always thought they were ugly. F-ing ugly. I called them FUggs. Har har har. Hee hee hee. Ha ha ha. I'm SO clever. Plus, when you consider how expensive they are, the ugliness factor goes up by 10X.

ANYWAY, Mom gave me a pair of black Uggs for Christmas. First, considering how expensive they are...WOW, thanks for a great gift Mom! Second, I was secretly excited, because I've been looking for something cozy and comfortable to wear around the house and maybe to take Lucy outside to poop in the wintertime. But I mean, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them out and about. You know.

This brings me to a cold and snowy winter's night last week. Lucy had to go outside. I slipped on my Uggs for the first time. OH.MY.GOD. They were COMFORTABLE. They were WARM. They were SOFT. They were like having my feet massaged while I warmed them by a fire while walking on marshmallows while taking a nap while drinking hot chocolate while listening to a handsome man whisper in my ear how beautiful I am.

Then I found myself wearing my Uggs on a walk with Lucy. Just around the block. Just so I could have them on a bit longer. You know.

Then I found myself wearing my Uggs around all day on New Year's Day. I thought my Uggs might cure my wicked hangover. They didn't.

Then I saw Janaan in her gray Christmas Uggs. She was wearing them with gray skinny jeans and a gray cardigan and a wicked cool gray checkered hat. She looked awesome from head to toe.

And that's when it hit me. What could be the most wonderful wonderful thing that I could do for myself? JUST LET GO and admit it. I LOVE MY UGGS. I want a pair in EVERY COLOR. I want to wear them all the time. If I had a rockin' enough body, I would wear them with a white track-suit. Just the thought of my Uggs makes my feet tingle with excitement.

Pam Anderson: You are a genius.



Kara said...

So agree. I love my UGGS. Wear them even as slippers around the house. Glad you have joined the UGG train.