New Year Fitness Idea

While talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago I learned about Kettlebells. He had recently started working out with them and said they "kicked his butt" or something to that effect.

I'm sure for most fitness junkies they are nothing new, but for me they were. I liked that the weights start at 5lbs. Being the lazy middle aged outta shape type, I love starting light. Although I have a little trouble with the "starting" come to think of it... But I digress, I ran right out and bought a 10lb since the 5 was sold out.

The "gofit" brand of Kettlebell available at Target or on It comes with a free DVD workout and after 25 minutes you feel like that baby weighs 50lbs. Needless to say moving around was difficult the next day - and the next.

Shape and tone your arms, shoulders, back and legs while improving your balance and body control. The free range of motion will creates a safe, comfortable and effective workout

I have found that Kettle Bells are readily available at most discount and fitness stores and websites. I just need to find that 5lb size to really get started. I'll report back later on my all new meaningful life.

Oh here is a nice little 5lb number for only $18.00 on .


Kate said...

Oh oh I totally want one! My chiropractor won't get off my back (har har) about strengthening my back muscles. This would be awesome.

(And also I learned that one of you lovely cheaping girls {Pam} is fb friends with my dad--WEIRD!!)