My FAVORITE Baby Bottle - EVER

Before I had my baby, we went out to search for different bottles. I knew I was going to breastfeed but I wanted to incorporate a bottle everyday so that if I needed to run out I could leave the baby for a couple hours.

Enter the lovely Estelle from Britain. She told us about Tommee Tippee - hands down the best bottles ever. Not only are they coolest design and BPA free - her baby (as well as baby G) never had any issues taking a bottle with these. The shape of the "teat" makes the transition a lot easier.

Since they weren't available in the US, she generously shipped me some from the UK. But for all of you who don't have friends in the UK, I have GREAT NEWS!

On January 18th, Babys R Us will now carry Tommee Tippee!! I can't stress enough how much I have love love loved these bottles. And I'm excited because now I can get the sippy cups without having to call in a favor. If you order online now, you'll get an extra 10% off. Do it.


Kate said...

Those are groovy looking. Should I have another baby so I can use them??? Naw. :)

Les Franglais said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Someone in business development at TT woke up and smelled the coffee. Well done! Delighted you can now get those in the US; there goes my little side business venture, though. :-(

Lindsay said...

I am excited to try these. I am headed back to work in a few weeks and little Mia is not so happy about the bottle feeding. She gets frustrated at how fast the milk comes from the Playtex Ventaire I'm using now. Thanks for the recommendation!