Method Madness

A little while ago I posted about my favorite fabric softener. I am now going to add to that with my newest, most favoriteist (is that a word, I think not but I'll roll with it) baby detergent.

I picked up a bottle of this at my local Ross for only $4.99 (suggested price $15.99) on a whim. The pink bottle was so cute and I needed some detergent anyway.

So what makes this stuff so special? It contains no harsh chemicals or dyes that can irritate baby's tender skin; specially formulated to work on both standard and high efficiency (H.E.) washers; the concentrated formula contains 2/3 less water and requires less water to rinse clean; bottle is made of 25% or more post-consumer recycled plastic; AND it smells SO GOOD!

I wish I would have snagged the other bottle in stock. I won't make that mistake again. Next time I see the discounted bottles at Ross, I'm scooping 'em up.
I may just start using this stuff on my clothes too...


a bunch of BS said...

Janaan- I don't know if it's a regional thing just in my area, but I know they carry that same detergent at my local Target and I think also BabiesRUs. I don't know if it's as low as 4.99 but I don't think it's more than $7.

Kristofer said...

My friend works for Method and swears by this stuff! I hope all is well, Miss Janaan!