Here's To A New Year!

This year besides setting our own personal resolutions, we've set one as a family.
It came about as a personal goal for one but then we all liked it so much, everyone has adopted it.
Our family goal for 2010 is:
Find joy & fulfillment through creating rather than consuming.

We really do have a love for shopping and finding great deals, so that won't change, but hopefully we can add in a bit more creation in our lives.

The blogging world has been such a great inspiration for projects and DIY. Using this great resource, here is a small sampling of things we are inspired to do this year:

- Be Better Photographers - capture everyday moments beautifully

Image via A Yummy Life

Image via Martha Stewart


Jodi Palmer said...

You guys are so good to me and I can't wait to come to one of your fabulous parites. xoxo