Have we ever told you about the first time we went to Kiehl's? This was back in the day when there was only one Kiehl's store on the planet, in New York City. Aaahhh, New York.

I think it may have been my first trip to New York, and I of course assumed that New York would follow the same logical grid system on which Salt Lake City is based, I mean, why wouldn't it? So I, with the UTMOST confidence, looked at the address and directed Mom and Janaan onto the subway and off we went. Well, when we got to our stop we were in the wrong neighborhood. And I mean, we were in the WRONG neighborhood. It was definitely not the East Village. It reminded me of the scene in Grand Canyon when Kevin Kline gets lost around The Forum in Los Angeles and then gets a flat tire. He tells his son "you've never been where I am."

Anyhoo, we found Kiehl's eventually and have been huge fans ever since. I personally was excited when Kiehl's was acquired by L'Oreal and there was broader distribution of their incredible products.

Last weekend we were at our lovely new Nordstrom (OMG they have Jo Malone there, I nearly fell over with excitement) and discovered Kiehl's Imperial Body Balm. Besides the wicked black packaging, this product features:

* Old-world Russian herbal remedies (it's used on the space station!)
* Honey and Fruit Glycolic Acids to immediately reveal a new skin softness and radiance
* High levels of antioxidant-rich butters help protect skin from environmental damage

Blah blah blah, here's the important stuff:
* It smells like heaven.
* A dollop the size of the quarter WILL cover your whole body, neck to toes (take it from me, someone who has experience with about every moisturizer out there and requires A LOT of moisture to make it remotely bearable to be in my skin)
* It hydrates your skin for hours and hours and hours. When you wake up your skin will feel like it did right after you put it on. My skin even felt better, longer, right after I got out of the shower (I usually have about a 90 second window before I need to get some kind of moisturizer on).

I am absolutely in love with this product. Oh, and if you're ever in New York, be sure to go to the original Kiehl's store. It's SO charming and it's totally worth seeking out, even if you get a little lost along the way.