Dollartree Finds

I like to pop into Dollartree on occasion to just see what they might have that's fun.
One time I was at a bank drive through in the parking lot of my local Dollartree and I thought to myself "Self, I'm already here, might as well pop in."
I made a right turn from the drive-through and went over a three foot embankment not realizing it was there.
I was so shocked and embarrassed that I just gunned it and made it over with some crunching and crashing. I immediately parked at the store and checked under my car for the damage and realized this was going to be an expensive trip to the dollar store. However, miracle of miracles I had a dent in my muffler, but no other obvious damage. I never told my husband and the car is still sounding and running fine. Whew.

I have since tried to safely and slowly pop into Dollartree. Yesterday I found these cute glycerin soaps that look like they have fruit inside. I thought they were very cute and would be fun for my grand daughter to play with in the bath tub.


zobars said...

Ooh ! my daughter would love to have these. maybe I will pop in too. thanks for the tip

Natalie said...

OMG!! I am laughing just as hard now as I did when you first told me this story. In fact, whenever I'm in that parking lot or I see a "Pier 1 imports!!!!" I get a little giggle.