Candy Scoops

I have my little obsessions from time to time (glass cake plates and domes, dishes, ribbons, nude tights, headbands, lipstick, must I go on?).
About a year ago I saw a mini candy scoop at a wonderful boutique. I tried to buy it but they said it was the last one the had and they could not sell it. So I just tucked it away in my brain and from that day forward I looked for tiny scoops wherever I shopped.
During the holidays I was at a great store here in Salt Lake City called Orson Gygi and what to my wondering eyes should appear TEENY TINY silver SCOOPS.
I was so excited I emptied the entire container into my cart lest someone else grab them. Mind you I was the only one even looking at them, but in my crazy obsession for them I thought others might be on the same insane quest. I think they are so sweet and unique to have in your candy dish at home.

I love this size, but some people think there is just not enough candy for a mouthful. Too bad.

I use these medium scoops in my big candy jars. Some people still use their hands at my house. Shame! has a large selection of scoops for your enjoyment. Unfortunately Orson Gygi does not feature the mini-scoop on their website - but I bet you could call them to order.


Moira Nell - FMP Photographer ( said...

Oh man alive - finally someone who was on the SAME QUEST as me!!! :) I've been looking for mini scoops all over the place (Im in Australia, but I've searched high and low on the net too!). Don't suppose you want to sell me some and pop in them in the post for me? Im not in any rush, Im having a candy buffet for my twin girls' 4th birthday party in December, but wanted to start getting organised and making things now. :) Anyway - I'll keep looking out until I hear from you. Thanks for finding these illusive scoops!