Change The World With Every Bite You Eat

Do you know where your food is coming from? I sure didn't. WE HAVE THE POWER to change what is happening. Please watch Food, Inc. At least watch the preview. I've put it right here so it's really easy. Just click. THANK YOU.

Five Things You Can Do Now
1. Buy organic or sustainable food.
2. Go without meat once a week.
3. Read labels—know where your food comes from.
4. Drink more water, fewer sugary beverages.
5. Support companies that treat workers, animals, and the environment with respect.

Find out more at:


Have we ever told you about the first time we went to Kiehl's? This was back in the day when there was only one Kiehl's store on the planet, in New York City. Aaahhh, New York.

I think it may have been my first trip to New York, and I of course assumed that New York would follow the same logical grid system on which Salt Lake City is based, I mean, why wouldn't it? So I, with the UTMOST confidence, looked at the address and directed Mom and Janaan onto the subway and off we went. Well, when we got to our stop we were in the wrong neighborhood. And I mean, we were in the WRONG neighborhood. It was definitely not the East Village. It reminded me of the scene in Grand Canyon when Kevin Kline gets lost around The Forum in Los Angeles and then gets a flat tire. He tells his son "you've never been where I am."

Anyhoo, we found Kiehl's eventually and have been huge fans ever since. I personally was excited when Kiehl's was acquired by L'Oreal and there was broader distribution of their incredible products.

Last weekend we were at our lovely new Nordstrom (OMG they have Jo Malone there, I nearly fell over with excitement) and discovered Kiehl's Imperial Body Balm. Besides the wicked black packaging, this product features:

* Old-world Russian herbal remedies (it's used on the space station!)
* Honey and Fruit Glycolic Acids to immediately reveal a new skin softness and radiance
* High levels of antioxidant-rich butters help protect skin from environmental damage

Blah blah blah, here's the important stuff:
* It smells like heaven.
* A dollop the size of the quarter WILL cover your whole body, neck to toes (take it from me, someone who has experience with about every moisturizer out there and requires A LOT of moisture to make it remotely bearable to be in my skin)
* It hydrates your skin for hours and hours and hours. When you wake up your skin will feel like it did right after you put it on. My skin even felt better, longer, right after I got out of the shower (I usually have about a 90 second window before I need to get some kind of moisturizer on).

I am absolutely in love with this product. Oh, and if you're ever in New York, be sure to go to the original Kiehl's store. It's SO charming and it's totally worth seeking out, even if you get a little lost along the way.

Favorite New Cardigan

Last Saturday I went out shopping to have some fun with gift cards from my Christmas booty.
As a lover of cardigans, I was delighted when I found this darling cardigan at Ann Taylor Loft.
I especially love the polka dot flower on the front. I also like that it's navy polka dot - I hardly have any navy clothes.

Dot Rosette Crew Cardigan - $59.50 at

Vegas Off the Strip

I've spent entirely too much time in Las Vegas lately. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Las Vegas. It has the best shopping, spas, restaurants and entertainment in a single six mile strip, with blue skies and sunshine (something that has been rare around here lately) to boot.

I really can't complain about the amount of time I've spent in Vegas, because there is a whole team of really fantastic people that I work with that have spent 10X that amount of time there in the last three months (but that's a topic for another post). One of the great things about knowing people that have spent 6-12 weeks of their lives in Vegas is that they know about some fabulous places to eat that are off of the beaten path.

Sushi on Trop
Location: 2625 E. Tropicana Avenue (Tropicana and Topaz)
You basically pay $30-ish for an hour of all you can eat Sushi. The Sushi is REALLY tasty (Who's Your Daddy Roll is a must) and the restaurant is REALLY fun. The Sushi Chef's will drink Sake Bombs with you (they make the Sake Bombs by balancing the shot glass of sake on chopsticks above the beer glass and then use their foreheads to tip the sake into the beer, all the while the whole place is yelling "Sake Bomb! Sake Bomb!"). One item of note, should you be at Sushi on Trop near closing time and should the Sushi Chef's have had a half dozen or so sake bombs don't be surprised if they grab your bum if you go to take a picture with them...ah, Vegas.

Lindo Michoacan
Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire when they go on their first date to a totally Hollywood-created Mexican restaurant complete with a mariachi band that comes around at just the wrong moment? Well, that basically describes Lindo Michoacan. It is everything you would expect from the ideal Mexican restaurant, mariachi band included. And the food is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. There are several locations around Vegas:

Lotus of Siam
This seemed to be the cool place to be taken to lunch at CES. There was a rumor going around that someone sat next to someone who sat next to Carlos Santana at lunch one day. The point is, this is the best.Thai.Food.EVER. 953 E. Sahara Ave. Suite A5

Tamba Lounge
OK, technically this Indian restaurant is on the strip, but it's in a location that I've never thought twice about. You know that Hawaiian village shopping area that is between the MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood? Yeah, it's in there. I know, right!!?? I guess I need to open my eyes to see past the hideous novelty T-Shirts and those guys shuffling business cards with naked girls on the front every once in a while. Everyone I work with is crazy about this place.

Method Madness

A little while ago I posted about my favorite fabric softener. I am now going to add to that with my newest, most favoriteist (is that a word, I think not but I'll roll with it) baby detergent.

I picked up a bottle of this at my local Ross for only $4.99 (suggested price $15.99) on a whim. The pink bottle was so cute and I needed some detergent anyway.

So what makes this stuff so special? It contains no harsh chemicals or dyes that can irritate baby's tender skin; specially formulated to work on both standard and high efficiency (H.E.) washers; the concentrated formula contains 2/3 less water and requires less water to rinse clean; bottle is made of 25% or more post-consumer recycled plastic; AND it smells SO GOOD!

I wish I would have snagged the other bottle in stock. I won't make that mistake again. Next time I see the discounted bottles at Ross, I'm scooping 'em up.
I may just start using this stuff on my clothes too...

Yummy Smells

I don't have a lot of perfumes I like, so when I find one I do like, I'm very excited about it. For many years my favorite scent has been Clean. It just smells just like the name - clean and fresh.

Clean Eau de Parfum, the signature scent, is reminiscent of pure soap. It combines the fragrance notes of litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk.

Clean is available on - $38.00

My new favorite is Fresh Sugar Lemon. I'm crazy for all things citrus and this one fits the bill.

A bright effervescent fragrance that combines zesty citrus notes of Italian lemon and mandarin with fruity florals such as orange blossom and ginger flower and sensual undertones of oak moss, caramel and white sandal.

Available on - $24.50

99cent Patterns

We have come to the realization that you have to consume a little in order to create.

This is what we have been doing, at a bargain.
From January 17 - 23, JoAnn's is offering all Simplicity Patterns for only 99 cents! These are normally priced at an average of $13.95.

We stocked up on a few to help us on our way.

Candy Scoops

I have my little obsessions from time to time (glass cake plates and domes, dishes, ribbons, nude tights, headbands, lipstick, must I go on?).
About a year ago I saw a mini candy scoop at a wonderful boutique. I tried to buy it but they said it was the last one the had and they could not sell it. So I just tucked it away in my brain and from that day forward I looked for tiny scoops wherever I shopped.
During the holidays I was at a great store here in Salt Lake City called Orson Gygi and what to my wondering eyes should appear TEENY TINY silver SCOOPS.
I was so excited I emptied the entire container into my cart lest someone else grab them. Mind you I was the only one even looking at them, but in my crazy obsession for them I thought others might be on the same insane quest. I think they are so sweet and unique to have in your candy dish at home.

I love this size, but some people think there is just not enough candy for a mouthful. Too bad.

I use these medium scoops in my big candy jars. Some people still use their hands at my house. Shame! has a large selection of scoops for your enjoyment. Unfortunately Orson Gygi does not feature the mini-scoop on their website - but I bet you could call them to order.

Dollartree Finds

I like to pop into Dollartree on occasion to just see what they might have that's fun.
One time I was at a bank drive through in the parking lot of my local Dollartree and I thought to myself "Self, I'm already here, might as well pop in."
I made a right turn from the drive-through and went over a three foot embankment not realizing it was there.
I was so shocked and embarrassed that I just gunned it and made it over with some crunching and crashing. I immediately parked at the store and checked under my car for the damage and realized this was going to be an expensive trip to the dollar store. However, miracle of miracles I had a dent in my muffler, but no other obvious damage. I never told my husband and the car is still sounding and running fine. Whew.

I have since tried to safely and slowly pop into Dollartree. Yesterday I found these cute glycerin soaps that look like they have fruit inside. I thought they were very cute and would be fun for my grand daughter to play with in the bath tub.

Fun Pumps

I really think this smoggy depressing weather wouldn't be so bad if I were wearing these.

Such a Tease

I have been on the lookout for a teasing comb. I need a little lift in my otherwise very fine and straight hair. I don't mean the "bump-it" size of lift, let's not go that far.
I had read about a teasing brush in InStyle magazine, so I waltzed into my local beauty supply and asked for it. Both workers told me the brush was terrible and immediately took me to the checkout counter where front and center they were displaying the WaaLaa teasing comb.
The brand name alone had me sold. However, I had to think twice before buying since this little gem is $24.00. The price did hurt my cheaping girl instincts, but it's worth it. So far it's added a nice oomph without tangling or causing static.
I only found one website - that carried the teasing comb but no price was listed. Check your local beauty supply.
"This will be your new best friend. With four rows of stainless steel pins one stroke is really four strokes. You and all your clients can backcomb in one fourth the time and have a smooth finish to comb back through. Made from a hard rubber and stainless steel pins this comb will perform."

Maybe this comb will make me look as fabulous as Betty Draper.

Necklaces at the Walmarts

On rare occasion it is possible to find cute accessories at Walmart. Usually their costume jewelry is not available online, so you will have to just check out your local store. I found these two styles a couple of weeks ago to give as gifts. They have a lot of style for only $10. Go get 'em in all colors. I did.

New Year Fitness Idea

While talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago I learned about Kettlebells. He had recently started working out with them and said they "kicked his butt" or something to that effect.

I'm sure for most fitness junkies they are nothing new, but for me they were. I liked that the weights start at 5lbs. Being the lazy middle aged outta shape type, I love starting light. Although I have a little trouble with the "starting" come to think of it... But I digress, I ran right out and bought a 10lb since the 5 was sold out.

The "gofit" brand of Kettlebell available at Target or on It comes with a free DVD workout and after 25 minutes you feel like that baby weighs 50lbs. Needless to say moving around was difficult the next day - and the next.

Shape and tone your arms, shoulders, back and legs while improving your balance and body control. The free range of motion will creates a safe, comfortable and effective workout

I have found that Kettle Bells are readily available at most discount and fitness stores and websites. I just need to find that 5lb size to really get started. I'll report back later on my all new meaningful life.

Oh here is a nice little 5lb number for only $18.00 on .

Pamela Anderson Just Might Be a Genius (a.k.a. A Personal Retraction)

I've never been a fan of Uggs. I always thought they were ugly. F-ing ugly. I called them FUggs. Har har har. Hee hee hee. Ha ha ha. I'm SO clever. Plus, when you consider how expensive they are, the ugliness factor goes up by 10X.

ANYWAY, Mom gave me a pair of black Uggs for Christmas. First, considering how expensive they are...WOW, thanks for a great gift Mom! Second, I was secretly excited, because I've been looking for something cozy and comfortable to wear around the house and maybe to take Lucy outside to poop in the wintertime. But I mean, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them out and about. You know.

This brings me to a cold and snowy winter's night last week. Lucy had to go outside. I slipped on my Uggs for the first time. OH.MY.GOD. They were COMFORTABLE. They were WARM. They were SOFT. They were like having my feet massaged while I warmed them by a fire while walking on marshmallows while taking a nap while drinking hot chocolate while listening to a handsome man whisper in my ear how beautiful I am.

Then I found myself wearing my Uggs on a walk with Lucy. Just around the block. Just so I could have them on a bit longer. You know.

Then I found myself wearing my Uggs around all day on New Year's Day. I thought my Uggs might cure my wicked hangover. They didn't.

Then I saw Janaan in her gray Christmas Uggs. She was wearing them with gray skinny jeans and a gray cardigan and a wicked cool gray checkered hat. She looked awesome from head to toe.

And that's when it hit me. What could be the most wonderful wonderful thing that I could do for myself? JUST LET GO and admit it. I LOVE MY UGGS. I want a pair in EVERY COLOR. I want to wear them all the time. If I had a rockin' enough body, I would wear them with a white track-suit. Just the thought of my Uggs makes my feet tingle with excitement.

Pam Anderson: You are a genius.


First Ornament

Last year I started collecting vintage-inspired ornaments for my tree. I wish these would have been available for Baby G. A "Baby's First Christmas" set of three handblown glass heirloom ornaments from RSH  Catalog.

Since they aren't available till May 2010, I may just order them and pretend she had one for her first Christmas. AND...since there are three, technically I can count them as her ornaments for three years, right?

My FAVORITE Baby Bottle - EVER

Before I had my baby, we went out to search for different bottles. I knew I was going to breastfeed but I wanted to incorporate a bottle everyday so that if I needed to run out I could leave the baby for a couple hours.

Enter the lovely Estelle from Britain. She told us about Tommee Tippee - hands down the best bottles ever. Not only are they coolest design and BPA free - her baby (as well as baby G) never had any issues taking a bottle with these. The shape of the "teat" makes the transition a lot easier.

Since they weren't available in the US, she generously shipped me some from the UK. But for all of you who don't have friends in the UK, I have GREAT NEWS!

On January 18th, Babys R Us will now carry Tommee Tippee!! I can't stress enough how much I have love love loved these bottles. And I'm excited because now I can get the sippy cups without having to call in a favor. If you order online now, you'll get an extra 10% off. Do it.

Here's To A New Year!

This year besides setting our own personal resolutions, we've set one as a family.
It came about as a personal goal for one but then we all liked it so much, everyone has adopted it.
Our family goal for 2010 is:
Find joy & fulfillment through creating rather than consuming.

We really do have a love for shopping and finding great deals, so that won't change, but hopefully we can add in a bit more creation in our lives.

The blogging world has been such a great inspiration for projects and DIY. Using this great resource, here is a small sampling of things we are inspired to do this year:

- Be Better Photographers - capture everyday moments beautifully

Image via A Yummy Life

Image via Martha Stewart