Year of the Monkey

I'm not sure when our obsession with Sock Monkey's started. I think it was at a recent baby shower. In any case, there are a lot of sock monkeys floating around.

We found these "Little Maxx" sock monkeys at Big Lots for $7.

Janaan and I both bought this sock monkey cap. $32 from the Sundance Catalog.

Mom and Janaan found these cuties at Sam's club. $9.86 for both of them!
I'm a little annoyed at the Target website right now...but I digress. Target sells the classic Schylling Sock Monkey pictured above in their specialty classic toys section. It comes in the classic brown and sweet purple, pink and blue too. I just can't find a link to it on their website. I bought one for Louis in brown and Janaan bought one for Baby G in pink.

I literally squealed when I saw this one. We're calling him "Big Maxx". $20 at The Wal-Marts. It's not pictured on their website either. WHAT-EVER WAL-MART and TARGET WEBSITES I JUST WANT TO TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS ABOUT SOCK MONKEYS!! Geez.


Kris said...
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Kris said...

I just die over the sock monkey. I love them so! I bought these sock monkey slippers last year at Target. Love them!

Les Franglais said...

Hello from snowy France!! SOCK MONKEYS ROCK. Period. Great post! xoxo

zobars said...

since you mentioned Big Lots can I tell you that I have noticed that their prices on a lot of the items are really not that low to be true. So beware next time you go bargain hunting at Big Lots ( the sock monkey is okay priced though).