I've noticed lately that a lot of people have been asking me what my favorite app is for my iPhone. While Flashlight is cool, my favorite App always has been and always will be Shazam! Here are some of my latest new music discoveries:

Song: Whatever You Like (yes, this is a cover of T.I.'s Whatever You Like)
Artist: Anya Marina
Shazamed At: My living room. This song was played in an episode of Gossip Girl. Although Gossip Girl sucks in general this season, the earrings and music are still worth watching for.
Love This Song For: Chilling Out.

I See You
Artist: Mika
Shazamed At: See above.
Love This Song For: Daydreaming.

Song: Moth's Wings
Artist: Passion Pit
Shazamed At: See above.
Love This Song For: Remembering the love of your life, and how your heart skips a beat whenever they walk into the room.

Song: I'm In Love With Your Rock and Roll
Artist: Kish Mauve
Shazamed At: See above. This was played as Serena walked in to play in a ridiculous high-stakes poker game. Has she worn a skirt longer than 18 inches this season??
Love This Song For: Perfect background music for a party.

Keep the Streets Empty for Me
Artist: Fever Ray
Shazamed At: CSI Miami. Yes, I got tricked into watching CSI Miami (the WORST of the CSI's by far) when they had their CSI Miami/CSI New York/CSI Vegas 3-part series a couple of weeks ago. Hey, at least I got this song out of it.
Love This Song For: Background music at work.

Song: Dice
Artist: Finley Quaye
Shazamed At: Ross. Yes. Ross.
Love This Song For: Unwinding as you drive home from work.

Song: 1901
Artist: Phoenix
Shazamed At: This was in a Cadillac commercial. Yeah. I watch a lot of TV.
Love This Song For: Gearing up as you drive into work. And if you drive a Cadillac, all the better.