Inspirational Baby Shower Favors

The Cheaping Girls were invited to the loveliest baby shower last Friday. It was thrown by The Richards Girls for their sister/daughter Courtney who is due with her first baby on New Year's Day 2010. Can I just say that the food was DELICIOUS. I mean DELICIOUS. You know how food at these things can be. From the homemade limeade to the pasta salads to the homemade sugar cookies everything we ate was fabulous. I am still thinking about those sugar cookies. SO GOOD.

ANYWAY, the lovely Nicky, in addition to hand making a box full of gifts (Like a perfectly made hand sewn sock monkey! Oh and did I mention she also made the box that the lovely gifts came in too??), made the shower favors, which I have pictured below. All of the rivets, paper details, ties, and even the polka dots on the tulle inside were done by hand. And there were at least 30 of these:

I mean, how cute are these favors??? Well come to find out, Nicky works full time as teacher at a charter high school that is ranked #8 in the state, is in a master's program and runs on a regular basis. And she also looks very pretty all of the time (even after running a 15K, I have seen that with my own two eyes).

When I was working full time and getting my graduate degree all I did was pull my hair into a pony tail, work, do homework, do more work, study, eat, get fatter by the day and, when I had a moment to spare, zone out and watch TV.

Actually, minus the school part that pretty much sums up my life right now. So I'm just going to say that I've found these little party favors very inspiring. If Nicky can find the time to hone these skills and put such loveliness into the world, then I can too. At the very least, I can blow out my hair once in a while.


Nicoleen said...

WOW Natalie! I don’t deserve that kind of praise. The pleasure was all mine, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you. Its official! I am now famous, I made the blog. Just for the record the pock dots tulle was found at Zurchers, couldn’t quite find the time to fit that one in. Your blog is outstanding and I am a huge fan.
Thank you. -Nicoleen

Jodi Palmer said...

I concor with Natalie! You guys have to see the baby blankets she makes. They're unbelievable. Plus I love being around her, she always makes me laugh.

NatRat said...

Basically our little Nicoleen is AMAZING! You haven't see half of what this girl can create...she seriously needs to have her own little her!