For The Love of Tomatoes

Our family loves tomatoes and salsa. Dad definitely loves them the most. He is a downright tomato and salsa connoisseur. He will eat pretty much any tomato or any salsa at anytime. Remember the whole tainted tomatoes scare of 2008? That didn't stop Dad one bit.

I'd put Janaan at 2nd place in terms of tomato love. She's been known to drink the juice leftover on her plate from a fresh raw summer tomato. She manages to do this in a ladylike manner, don't ask me how.

The rest of us, well we obsess about summer tomatoes. We start to talk about them and ask about them in early July, even though we know full well they won't be ready for another month. When we start to see them on the roadside stands we faithfully buy a box every week and eat every last one.

It's always sad when the first frost comes and the summer tomatoes are gone and we spend October mourning and reminiscing about all of the yummy tomatoes we had in September.

Well, this year, Mom went all out and decided to can some summer tomatoes and salsa so we could enjoy them a little bit longer.

Mom spent a good week buying tomatoes and pots and pans and all kinds of contraptions that I didn't even know existed and boiling and boiling and boiling and boiling on two stoves on two different levels of the house and canned dozens and dozens of jars of those beautiful summer tomatoes and summer tomato salsa.

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. Wow. Wow. I helped one measly Saturday and I had NO IDEA the kind of work it takes to get these things from the farmers market into a little Kerr jar. NO IDEA. For the record, I will never again look at a delicious jar of tomatoes, or dilly beans, or, well anything in a jar in the same way again. I will savor every bite knowing the work that went into making such delicious organic food.

We've decided to call these "sipping tomatoes". They are to be savored between now and next August, when our lovely summer tomatoes come back and we start all over again. However, given this our family we're talking about, I don't think these are going to make it much past Christmas. We just can't help it.