Fishnet Tights

I'm a big fishnet tights fan. I threw out my most of my pantyhose long ago and made fishnets the mainstay of my hosiery. Oh, I'll occasionally wear other tights if I have to, but as a rule I avoid them. I was in Paris a few years ago and even the older and I mean really mature women were wearing patterned or fishnet tights! I was so impressed. It was a sassy look for an eighty year old.

Fishnets seem to readily available as at most stores in any color but nude. I have one pair of nude fishnets and they are really old - I'm talking 5 years old. And while that pair is still fine, I need a few more because my bare legs don't look as good as they used to (thanks to age and sun spots.) I have found many places for them online and recently ordered a supply for my "older legs" that want to still be sassy.

These professional fishnets for dancers would last a long time and have a reinforced foot, but you pay for it - at 26.00 a pair they are a little pricey -

Hue nude fishnet tights are available at for $12.50 a pair. has nude fishnets (not pictured in nude color) that are a great price - 6:00 per pair if you buy 3! I think I'll order these and let you know how they work out.


Kate said...

I found nude fishnets at Dillards about 3 years ago. They are pretty sad looking these days, I hope I can find a new pair that aren't 26 bucks! :)