Le Creuset Love

Our love for this French cookware started a little over a year ago. Since then we have all slowly been collecting pieces when they are on sale (Sur La Table usually has good deals.) And ever since seeing Julie & Julia where Julia Childs cooks with all Le Creuset, we've had an itch to increase our collections. But let's face it, these babies are pricey.
Luckily, this 5 quart oval dutch oven in Slate Grey is on sale for only $179, marked down from $305 at Williams Sonoma right now. It's a great all-around piece for a good price.


Les Franglais said...

Hello Cheaping girls. well as a French lady, I can tell you that yes, a house without Le Creuset is not a Home!! But THE LC colour to get at the moment is TEAL. It is to die for.http://www.johnlewis.com/8529/Range.aspx