Hello Lover!!

I have been looking for dark chocolate brown heels for the last couple of years. Wait. I have been looking for SUPER-CUTE-SKY-HIGH-MAKE-MY-LEGS-LOOK-LONG-AND-SEXY dark chocolate brown heels for the last couple of years. I have looked EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE! Every department store, every discount store, every catalog, every season. So what to my wondering eyes did appear on Michigan Avenue last month?? These gorgeous fabulous I-DIE Coach New Davine Heels. I walked in, tried them on, bought them and was out the door in ten minutes before I could add in a black pair for kicks and giggles. I didn't even look at the price and was pleasantly surprised that they were only $218. You might think this is a ridiculous price for a Cheaping Girl, but I will love these shoes forever and ever and I've spent way more than $218 in sanity trying to find a pair of shoes in this color that I love this much.

Available at Coach.com and Nordstrom.com.


Kim said...

wait a second...you were on Michigan Ave last month??? Next time you are in Chicago you must give me a call...I need a shopping day with my fave Cheaping girl! And I need some help with my wardrobe BAD....I'm callin' for some back up please!!!

Kim said...

P.S. love, love, love
the shoes...and the SITC quote....#2 is being made right now. Yay!