For More Than Just Shoes...

We quite frequently tout the many wonders of Ross. Especially the shoes we find there. But Ross, I've recently discovered, is more than just shoes. Ever since becoming a Mama, I have wandered the previously avoided toy aisle. I could never bring myself to go there since it was filled with Dora paraphernalia, High School Musical dolls and lots of plastic games that make really annoying sounds that you would only give to parents you truly didn't like. And it is ALWAYS messy.

I have been scouring the world for wooden toys. I like the retro look of wooden toys and something made of a more organic material is always nice. My scouring for wooden toys now includes the heretofore avoided toy aisle at Ross. And to my surprise I have found GOLD!! There is quite a great selection of adorable wooden toys by Melissa and Doug. I picked up these two for my baby girl to use in the future for about half of what they are regular price.

Be sure to check out the children's book section at Ross as well. Natalie recently found a nice collection of Shel Silverstein books and on rare occasions you can find Dr. Seuss.


Marni said...

I love the toys and books at Ross too. I now don't mind the unorganized shelving bc my boys play with the stuff and then put it back anywhere they want and it's okay.