Darkly Driven Dexter

Alek’s sister brought over the pilot episode of the Showtime series Dexter. In the three weeks that have followed we haven’t been to bed until after 1:00 AM. Just one more episode…just one more episode...just one more episode…we’re now almost finished with season three.

We’re officially Dexter dealers. We’ll talk about Dexter with anyone. Are you a stranger who has stopped us on the street to pet Lucy? Be prepared to hear about Dexter. Mom is now well into season 2. I came over to pick up Lucy at 11:30 PM last night. I wasn’t worried that Mom was asleep. I knew she would be watching Dexter.

We called Alek’s friend Ben to see if he wanted to go out with us last night. He sent back the following text: "I seem to have a bit of a Dexter problem. I was up until 5AM. This show is like crack man. CRACK." Ben did not come out with us. He stayed home and watched Dexter.

Here’s the premise: Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department. He’s also a serial killer. Here’s the twist: Dexter only kills people who deserve to die. It’s a brilliant catch-22 for the viewer: is Dexter good or bad? The show is well written and Dexter is brilliantly played by the fabulous Michael C. Hall. The show is based on the book Darkly Driven Dexter, which I’ve also heard is good.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Download Dexter OnDemand (if you have a subscription to Showtime) or from iTunes. Or rent it from Blockbuster or NetFlix. Or buy it in any retail store that sells DVD's.

And if you’re someone who is SSSSOOOO ahead of me, I hope you enjoy Season 4.


Jenny & Eric said...

I LOVE Dexter and am a serious addict, too!!!!!

Kristen J said...

Dexter Season 4 is ALMOST here!!! Also, if you have Netflix, Season 1 and 2 are on the Instant Play!