Robeez at Ross

Yes, another Ross post. But for those of you out there with little ones or those needing a great gift for little ones, be sure to check out Ross. Recently, they've had Robeez shoes. I picked up 2 pairs of these adorable hot pink and orange Mary Janes in two different sizes. They were so cute, I needed them for when she was a bit bigger too.
I found these for sale at Gap for $19.99, but at Ross, only $9.99

For More Than Just Shoes...

We quite frequently tout the many wonders of Ross. Especially the shoes we find there. But Ross, I've recently discovered, is more than just shoes. Ever since becoming a Mama, I have wandered the previously avoided toy aisle. I could never bring myself to go there since it was filled with Dora paraphernalia, High School Musical dolls and lots of plastic games that make really annoying sounds that you would only give to parents you truly didn't like. And it is ALWAYS messy.

I have been scouring the world for wooden toys. I like the retro look of wooden toys and something made of a more organic material is always nice. My scouring for wooden toys now includes the heretofore avoided toy aisle at Ross. And to my surprise I have found GOLD!! There is quite a great selection of adorable wooden toys by Melissa and Doug. I picked up these two for my baby girl to use in the future for about half of what they are regular price.

Be sure to check out the children's book section at Ross as well. Natalie recently found a nice collection of Shel Silverstein books and on rare occasions you can find Dr. Seuss.

Hello Lover!!

I have been looking for dark chocolate brown heels for the last couple of years. Wait. I have been looking for SUPER-CUTE-SKY-HIGH-MAKE-MY-LEGS-LOOK-LONG-AND-SEXY dark chocolate brown heels for the last couple of years. I have looked EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE! Every department store, every discount store, every catalog, every season. So what to my wondering eyes did appear on Michigan Avenue last month?? These gorgeous fabulous I-DIE Coach New Davine Heels. I walked in, tried them on, bought them and was out the door in ten minutes before I could add in a black pair for kicks and giggles. I didn't even look at the price and was pleasantly surprised that they were only $218. You might think this is a ridiculous price for a Cheaping Girl, but I will love these shoes forever and ever and I've spent way more than $218 in sanity trying to find a pair of shoes in this color that I love this much.

Available at and

Dear Dikson

Dear Dikson,

Your products were recommended to us by Janaan's friend. He conducts training on your products at salons around the U.S....but anyways...I am in love with your Lux Mov Me Sparkling Light Illuminating Spray #2. It smooths down and shines up my mane after I've spent ages blowing it dry and straightening it out. It is impervious to humidity. Sometimes I forget to put on hairspray, but with Lux Mov Me Sparkling Light Illuminating Spray #2 that doesn't even matter. Lux Mov Me Sparkling Light Illuminating Spray #2 has the most lovely scent. A bottle of it lasts forever. I want to tell all of my friends about it, I really do. But your website sucks. First I got bored trying to find your official website. Then I finally found that and now I'm bored trying to find a link to this particular product on your website so I could show a better picture of it...but anyways...I do love it so and I wanted you to know.

Yours Truly,


Lux Mov Me Sparkling Light Illuminating Spray #2. ( Available in Salt Lake City at Got Beauty on 21st South ant 7th East in Sugarhouse. Like trying to find this online, it's hard to find in stores. Last time I bought it at Got Beauty I had to ask for it and they dug it out of a back cupboard for me. Boredom!!

Payless/Office Max Promotion

During a recent trip to Office Max, a $5 Off coupon for Payless Shoes printed out with our receipt. We didn't really know why, but we thought "Score!" It's always nice to have a coupon during the non-BOGO times...

Well, we looked it up and Office Max and Payless have partnered to offer shoppers more value during the Back to School season. The two retailers are offering register receipt coupons to each other's stores until September 12, 2009.

We will probably use the coupon on one of the new exclusive Christian Siriano for Payless shoes. Totally Fierce.
Patent Slither Boot

Bright and Beautiful Room

While I am not the best seamstress, I do dream of a fabulous sewing room where I will whip up all sorts of beautiful clothing for my little girl. Yesterday I stumbled on this sewing room that belongs to Patty Young, designer of ModKid clothing patterns.

It is lovely, bright and colorful. And the best part? She did it on the cheap using mostly furniture purchased from Ikea. I am saving these images as an inspiration for my future home.

Best Fast Food Kids Meal Toy Ever.

Right now Burger King is featuring the Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls in their BK Kids Meals. There is a dangerous or daring toy inside, (OK, OK, the toys aren't REALLY dangerous) and we absolutely love the packaging. On a side note, we also love the clever Dangerous/Daring books.

Le Creuset Love

Our love for this French cookware started a little over a year ago. Since then we have all slowly been collecting pieces when they are on sale (Sur La Table usually has good deals.) And ever since seeing Julie & Julia where Julia Childs cooks with all Le Creuset, we've had an itch to increase our collections. But let's face it, these babies are pricey.
Luckily, this 5 quart oval dutch oven in Slate Grey is on sale for only $179, marked down from $305 at Williams Sonoma right now. It's a great all-around piece for a good price.

Darkly Driven Dexter

Alek’s sister brought over the pilot episode of the Showtime series Dexter. In the three weeks that have followed we haven’t been to bed until after 1:00 AM. Just one more episode…just one more episode...just one more episode…we’re now almost finished with season three.

We’re officially Dexter dealers. We’ll talk about Dexter with anyone. Are you a stranger who has stopped us on the street to pet Lucy? Be prepared to hear about Dexter. Mom is now well into season 2. I came over to pick up Lucy at 11:30 PM last night. I wasn’t worried that Mom was asleep. I knew she would be watching Dexter.

We called Alek’s friend Ben to see if he wanted to go out with us last night. He sent back the following text: "I seem to have a bit of a Dexter problem. I was up until 5AM. This show is like crack man. CRACK." Ben did not come out with us. He stayed home and watched Dexter.

Here’s the premise: Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police Department. He’s also a serial killer. Here’s the twist: Dexter only kills people who deserve to die. It’s a brilliant catch-22 for the viewer: is Dexter good or bad? The show is well written and Dexter is brilliantly played by the fabulous Michael C. Hall. The show is based on the book Darkly Driven Dexter, which I’ve also heard is good.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Download Dexter OnDemand (if you have a subscription to Showtime) or from iTunes. Or rent it from Blockbuster or NetFlix. Or buy it in any retail store that sells DVD's.

And if you’re someone who is SSSSOOOO ahead of me, I hope you enjoy Season 4.

Catching Fire

Remember this amazing book? Well the sequel, Catching Fire is out today. Take this coupon and get to your local Barnes & Noble as soon as you can. Or use it online and save even more.