We Love Us Some Shoes.....

We Cheaping Girls love shoes. We love expensive ones and less expensive ones. We try to get the bulk of our trendier shoes at a bargain price otherwise we could be featured on a television expose about people who are compulsive shoe buyers who ruin their lives by spending way too much. Or something like that.

Like we have said so many times before, one of the best places to buy trendy shoes at a steal of a deal is Ross. Yup it's Ross again! We especially like some of the brands they carry on a regular basis: Dollhouse, Rampage, and Wanted. These brands sell for at least $50 and up in other stores and on the web, but at Ross they are always $14.99 or less!

Pictured below are some styles we have found recently at the numerous Ross stores we frequent on a regular basis. "Regular basis" is the secret. Ross can not be conquered by infrequent visits. You gotta go all the time for the best stuff.

Dollhouse Eda - People have been asking us where we got these sandals all summer.
Dollhouse Lenzo - you can afford assorted colors at bargain prices.
Dollhouse Ramira - these look like you are off to Florida or a cruise - neither of which we are doing any time soon, but these make us feel like we might be.....

Rampage Harmonie2.

Wanted Triple Strap Mary Jane High Heel - You can't have enough Mary Jane style shoes!

Wanted Split Broad Cut Out Mary Jane.

Wanted Two Tone Mary Jane - Purchased these yesterday - now we need something to wear with them!


theProvidentWoman said...

Those are darn good lookin shoes.

rochelle said...

I love dollhouse shoes!! I recently got 2 pair at Ross and have had nothing but compliments on them every time I wear them. LOVE ROSS!!!