"Mad" About Dresses

For the past two weeks I have been catching up on the first two seasons of Mad Men. It's addicting...not the storyline as much as the fashion!

Ever since I started watching I have been craving feminine silhouettes, big skirts, hats, elbow length gloves and more. It made me pull out all my skirts and start wearing them in full force. I am now looking at girly dresses that I can add to my wardrobe that have a retro look, but with modern flare. I don't want to look like I'm dressing up for Halloween.


Stina said...

so glad you finally posted on mad men. love that show and LOVE the fashion.

Kim said...

I am also obsessed with this series and just finished Season 2. Did you see the robe that JJ wore? I want to wear that robe every day around my house. Love that show and all the fashion!