Lovely Leggings and Shirts

Sometimes while looking for layering pieces for girls you start thinking "what has happened to the basics?" For some reason everything has a screen print - High School Musical, or Miley Cyrus on the front. I'm not a fan of anything like that whatsoever (I don't think I have used that word much....whatsoever. It's a great word.)

The Walmarts came through again with very inexpensive solutions. Because with kids it's only a matter of time (very short) before they rip, stain, or grow out of their clothes.

Girls Cap - Sleeve Blouse - $9.00. Finding a white blouse is a miracle!

Girls' Short - Sleeve Polo Shirt - $6.00. Available in assorted colors.

Girls' Cap - Sleeve Tee - $3.50. Available in assorted colors.

These leggings are great under just about anything - I just with they had Navy!

Faded Glory Girls' Leggings - $5.00


Ashley said...

I have not had such good luck in the boy clothes department. Everything has a truck or sports logo.