Twizzler Alert

I am a Twizzler fan and especially like the odd flavors they occasionally release. Well today I happened to pick up their new Twizzlers Sweet & Sour Filled Twists.

Oh how I wish they would have never crossed my lips. They remind me of Twerps (another Twizzler product) which are very hard to find (usually online only). Thankfully that's too much trouble for me.

But now these new twists are readily available at my neighborhood market. While it is low fat snack, it still has lots of calories and sugar.

The Candy Addict writes:

"Cherry Kick: These were sticky, but not in the sense that the candy is sticky, but rather it just likes to stick to other pieces of the candy. The strip is a little more bloated than your average Twizzler, but that appears to be a result of the gel center inserted within the hollow cavity.

The texture is rubbery like all Twizzlers, but these are soft compared to the hard rubber variety of the classic flavors. My first bite revealed a floral punch flavor, almost Hawaiian in nature. Like the wrapper advertised, the inside definitely provided a great snap of flavor with the tanginess of the gel.

Cherry is the most dominate flavor in the piece, but I detected notes of pineapple and some other citrus and berry flavors. The texture of eating one of these is odd. At times they’re grainy, then soft, and finally liquid-y. It was kind of like eating gum.

Citrus Punch: These had a sharp citrus zest to them, with lemon being the dominate flavor of the citrus. They too were tasty, but retained the odd texture that the first piece possessed.

I was pleasantly surprised. The flavors are most delightful without being overpowering on the sweet or sour side; they strike the perfect balance. They even complement each other well if you’re game to eat one of each flavor together. Normally, I advise people to stay away from new Twizzler products, but these are certainly something I think people should try."