Smoke Pours from SF Manhole and...WHAT?!...Clears Ross Store!!!

I'm not even going to tell you how many times we have shopped at the 4th and Market Ross in San Francisco, despite the fact that it has the most disgusting public restroom I have ever used. I'll spare you the details. Totally worth it for the great deals though.


(07-06) 21:10 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Employees and patrons were evacuated Monday from a clothing store on Market Street in downtown San Francisco after smoke poured from a manhole cover.

Joe Molica, a spokesman for Pacific Gas and Electric Co., said smoke was reported at about 10:45 a.m. coming from an underground vault at Fourth and Market streets. About the same time, the power went out at the Ross Dress For Less store at 799 Market.

Firefighters poured a carbon dioxide fire suppressant into the manhole to smother any potential fires, Molica said. It was unclear whether there was a fire.

As many as two dozen employees and customers were briefly evacuated from the Ross store, witnesses said. Nobody was injured, Molica said, and the cause of the problem was under investigation.


rochelle said...

I have been to that store! It is truly the ROSS MECCA! Although I must say as Ross goes it had to be the most disorganized store I have ever been in, not to mention-dirty. That said-I loved, loved being able to peruse 4 whole floors of Ross goodness. I was in heaven!