Premieum Outlet Shopping

I can't say it enough - go outlet shopping when you can. Wherever you live in this great country, you are never that far from an outlet mall (no distance is too far for the Cheaping Girls!)

When I lived in the boonies of Wyoming, I would get up early and drive 4 hours to the city for a day of shopping and then back after the stores closed.

This past weekend while in Las Vegas, I went to the outlets before branching out to the regular mall. This is something I always do because nothing makes me more angry than spending too much on an item. Here is my wrap-up:

- I had my eye on this pencil skirt from White House Black Market. It fits so well on me and I'm not in the greatest shape of my life... if you know what I mean.

It's called the Elysee Corset Skirt - 78.00

I really don't like to pay full price for anything if I can help it. So I went to the White House Black Market outlet store and found it's twin (probably last seasons version) for only $14.99!! Now this kind of bargain does not happen everyday, but if you are vigilant you can find deals like this.

- July is a great month for summer clothing deals too, as most stores are clearing out and making way for fall. At the Children's Place all the clearance summer clothes were half off the last marked price - that meant everything was $6.50 and under. Tops for $2.50! Swimsuits for $5.00! I bought bigger sizes for my two granddaughters to wear next summer.

- The BeBe outlet had their clearance 65% off of the last marked price. $69.00 shirts for $16.00. Even if I don't enjoy it after a few wears, there is a lot less guilt when I don't spend a lot.

- The Coach outlet had all of their marked down purses for 50% off the last marked price. The line was so "Disneyland" (winding around and around) the first time I went in, so I left. I came back in the late evening and scooped up two beautiful bags for summer and winter.

I got this "Zoe" bag. I'm sure it's from last season, but hey Halle Berry had it. Only $250 at the outlet sale.

I must say the drawback that I had shopping this past weekend was the "hard sell." Every store I went into asked me to open an account/get a store credit card to get an extra percentage off.
I also was asked many times for my e-mail address. While I didn't join any programs, I did give my email. It's a great way to get coupons and I can always cancel if I want.


Larissa Dobbin said...

Yey for outlet shopping! You are so right, save up some money as long as you can. That's better than spending hundreds of dollars you're just gonna use for one season. Also, there are tons of varieties in outlet stores compared to retails. Keep in mind to buy classic designs, too. Trendy ones are only good for a short time.