PJ Love

I love pajamas. I buy far too many of them - but I only buy one particular type. COTTON - not flannel, silk, knit or any other fabric. And it must be a set. I don't buy bottoms and match a tank or t-shirt. I like sets. Believe it or not - this is hard to find these days. Victoria's Secret does not seem to carry them in their stores anymore. Only in the catalog. Target's Nick and Nora brand is great. But, they have their dry spells when they have flannel only.

Target's Nick and Nora line is frequently on clearance for around $6.99 a pair! They are only $24.99 regular price.

So I always keep my eyes peeled for my favorite PJ's. Imagine my surprise when I recently went to Susie's Deals and found a bounty of cotton PJ sets for only $5.99. At first I only bought a couple of pairs. I felt I needed to wash them to see if they disintegrated, shrunk, faded or any number of surprises. Wow, I was impressed! They washed up perfectly and they fit really well. They are cut generously and are quite long. This is no cheapo fit! I went back and have since bought them in every print (they have paisley, plaids, and stripes)- I will not bore you with how many.

I know they are not super sexy - but these are sleepin' jammies.