Oops I'm late on this trend: Round Sunglasses

Last week, whilst perusing my Lucky magazine, I saw these retro round sunglasses and decided I must have them. I have been in love with the pair Glenn Close (as Patty Hewes) wears in Damages, which are a one-of-a-kind pair made especially for the actress.

I started looking around for them on the internet and found that I'm a little late on this trend. The ones featured in the magazine were Liz Claiborne and only $30.

"We're pretty sure round shades will go down as the single most eponymous accessory from the Spring 09 season and who better to provide a recession-minded gal with her pair? Well, it really doesn't get more "2009" than Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne."

Too bad they are all sold out now. This past week, I have been hunting to find these little gems. It's been very frustrating because they are almost always on back order or sold out. I have a few options I'm looking into, but I better hurry.

Ralph Lauren still has some available for $375 - but I'm feeling kinda cheap and hate to spend over $200 on sunglasses. I can't be trusted to not lose them or sit on them.

Modern Vintage Round Sunglasses by Ralph Lauren.

The Annie Glasses in Black (tortoise are sold out).

Available on Nasty Cal for $40.

UO Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters for $24 - now this is price is more my style for a limited trend that I might make me look ridiculous anyway.

UO Skyline Glasses - $24

Fred Flare has the best deal

Round Emma Sunglasses - $11 but back-ordered until August - Blerg!

Charlie Sunglasses - $11 and available now.

Be aware this shape might not work for everyone - "When Proenza Schouler introduced round sunglasses in spring 2008, the designers were actually so far ahead of the trend that they were at a disadvantage. Circular frames are not face-friendly, and usually look best on women with strong jaw lines, so the line’s initial styles were difficult to sell. But newer versions, which are slightly larger and more angular, with the stems positioned higher on the frame, have been a success."