Hot Endorsement for a Hot New Hair Product from a Hot Curly Haired Girl

Hello Lovelies! The Girl with the Perfectly Curly Hair has written a fabulous post for us on a new hair product that she discovered. My humongous B&B shampoo and conditioner are almost out and I am definitely going to give this a try!! --- xoxo, Natalie

Greetings fellow lovers of all things cheaping!

I recently came across some fabulous products that I knew my good friend Natalie would enjoy and so I thought I would share. I have discovered a new line of hair care that is for lack of a better adjective, amazing. It's called Oribe. Basically, the guy/person who helped create the Bumble and Bumble line decided to create a new and better line with all natural/paraban-free/good for your hair stuff. It hit the market within the last year and has already had several products featured in Vogue, InStyle, Star, Fitness, Lucky, etc.

So here's my real life testimonial aka why-you-should-check-this-stuff-out:

I get my hair cut in a salon in downtown SF and my hairstylist mentioned this new product line a few months ago. Being a creature of habit, and also being the then owner of a litre bottle of B&B , I didn't think much of her recommendation. But the last time I went in, I was in the market for a new conditioner and decided to be adventurous so I started to pursue the Oribe products.

Being a marketing geek, the sleek simple but luxurious packaging totally caught my eye and made me grab the bottle for a better look and feel. Popping the cap and breathing in the unique and yet oh-so rich and yummy scent took me from "maybe" to "oh yeah". The cute little junior stylist guy (who wears skinny jeans way better than me, darn him) recommended that I try the conditioner from the volume family and swore up and down that it would provide enough moisture for my curls and that I would only need 3 peas sized drops each use. I smiled and nodded thinking "yeah right" but decided to give it a whirl because hey that's the beauty of buying a salon product - if it doesn't work, you get to exchange.

Several days later when I tried it out, I had to eat my words because 3 peas-sized drops totally did the trick. I have bought all kinds of high-end salon hair products before, but the recommended undersized portion has never been enough -until now. I was amazed. (Sidenote- I have shoulder length hair so I'm sure someone with longer hair would need more.) My hair styled great and I could totally notice a difference, especially when it came to the quality of my 2nd day hair (come on, you don't really wash your hair every day now, do you?)

The Oribe line has several "families" of hair care products- Signature, Shine, Color, Volume. Each has a shampoo and conditioner and then they have additional styling products. Apparently, all the stylists at my salon are addicted to and loving the Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray. If this helps girls stay sleek and straight in foggy San Francisco, you know that's a quality product!

So that's my plug- you must try Oribe. Technically or dollars-wise speaking it's not cheap (my 6.8fl bottle of conditioner was $39). But it is SO quality, that if you were to amortize the cost over how long the bottle would last and then if you were able to quantify the amount of increased happiness it brings you over other products, well it definitely is worth it. All I know is every time I pop the bottle in the shower, or catch a sniff of my hair, the scent and feeling reminds me of being back at the salon- a wonderful place of luxury, pampering and no crying child....And a quick mental transport like that is priceless :)

Happy Hair!
the curlyhaired girl


Kate said...

So you use the volume conditioner and which shampoo? have you tried any of the styling products yet? My curly hair is out of control right now and i'm very excited to try this! Thank you!!

a bunch of BS said...

Hi Kate- I've only used the conditioner. While I'm sure the shampoo would be great, there are several others I've used that I'm just fine with (and are cheaper). Currently I use the moisturizing shampoo from ABBA. Plus the main thing about shampoo is making sure it doesn't strip color or moisture from your hair. (In my opinion) it's more important to have a really good conditioner than a really good shampoo. If you are looking for other styling products, I would recommend Enjoy Shaping Lotion- finger comb through the hair after shower and then if you have tighter curls/frizzier hair, layer with a light mousse like Herbal Essence be bouncy curl mousse (purple bottle). Oooh and another tip- instead of drying your hair with a towel, try drying by scrunching it with a old white cotton t-shirt before you apply product and diffuse. Doesn't frizz the hair as much. Good luck!

zobars said...

I was just wondering where would I be able to buy it in Oregon ??

a bunch of BS said...

Hi Zobars- Oribe actually has an ecommerce site and so you can shop and buy directly from them- On their website, Oribe also mentions that you can call 1-888-ORIBE-99 to find a salon closest to you that sells the product. Another option is that my salon also has an ecommerce site where they sell and ship product and they will ship out of state-
Good luck!