Two Products, Two Dollars, Two Minutes a Day: Two Happy Feet

I've heard many women say that their favorite part of a pedicure is when the technician slices off their callouses with that razor tool thingie. Eww.

Eww. Eww. Eww. This grosses me out on many levels:

1. Really? You let things get that bad? Do you ever look at your own feet? Do you like what you see?

2. Do you share a bed with someone? Do you cuddle and snuggle and fall asleep next to each other? No? Do you at least bump your feet up against them? Are you comfortable with your so-big-they-have-to-be-sliced-off callouses touching someone you might want to get busy with at some point? Do you think they are a turn on? (P.S. all you men out there, this applies to you too.)

3. You are comfortable letting a stranger, who is not a medical doctor, slice off your skin in a mildly disinfected tub (at best) that hundreds, possibly thousands of other people have shared?
My skin is possibly the driest skin that has ever been known to exist on the planet earth. Ok, not really, but it's pretty dang dry. And I've never had to have callouses sliced off of my feet. All you need are two products, two dollars and two minutes a day. Really.

Product 1. Pumice SPONGE. Cost: $1 or less

I am not a fan of pumice STONES. But I love love love love love pumice SPONGES. That is what they use at pedicure spas. They are actually not super easy to find, but are always bountiful at the dollar store. Every time I am in the shower, I take my pumice sponge and spend about 30 seconds on each foot getting the "problem" areas (you know, heel, outside of big toe, etc.). That's it. 30 seconds per foot. The key is, I do this EVERY time I shower. And these sponges last for quite a while.
Product 2: Vaseline (or other brand) Petroleum Jelly. Cost: $1 or less

I've talked about Vaseline in other posts. I love it. It's inexpensive and effective. Keep a pair of cotton socks handy. Slather a bunch of Vaseline on your feet when you leave the shower and pop on the socks. While you get ready your feet get all soft and moisturized. When you're done getting ready you can pop on your sandals or hop into bed or whatever and you're good to go! This only takes a minute and you can get giant tubs of petroleum jelly at the dollar store.
Really - 2 products, $2 and 2 minutes a day is all it takes never to have those callouses again. And a side benefit is that the less time your nail tech spends slicing off your callouses the more time is left for your foot massage. AAAHHHH.


zobars said...

wow girls, that is such an excellent tip. I have a pumice stone and this pumice sponge is something I have not heard of . Now I have to rush to my nearest dollar store and get me some of these. thanks for all the tips.

Lindsey said...

Ew! So gross! Did you know it's actually illegal to use the credo blade in most states? Just a thought :)