Fit Flops: One Year Later

Last year we did a post about Fit Flops. And as I sit staring at my Fit Flops in the pile-o-stuff-soon-to-be-taken-to-Plato's Closet I thought I'd do a follow-up. And here it is: I don't know if these work because I never wear them. And here is why - I don't think they're cute. I'm just going to say it. I'm sorry. Fit Flops are sporty yes, cute no. And not sporty in a cute way.
In the world of tennis shoes/trainers - my Puma's are sporty AND cute. I wear them all the time when I am going to be walking far and want to be comfortable but also need to look a bit more pulled together. My Nike running shoes are sporty and NOT cute. I wear these to the gym, from the gym, at the gym, outside running, outside cycling and sometimes when I take Lucy on long walks.
The Fit Flops are like the Nike's. They are sporty but not cute. And I've found that not many sporting activities require flip flops. Thus, I've really never worn them.
It's SUMMER! And when I put on a pair of flip flops, my painted toenails free at last to wiggle and show themselves off, I want my shoes to be sleek and sparkly and buckle-y and patent-leathery and colorful and unique and sexy and fun and all of that good time summer stuff.
I've noticed in the last year that the Fit Flops line is trying to get cuter with some sparkles and some patent leather, but alas, I'm not willing to drop another $49.99. I'll just have to stop eating so much and exercise more to trim up my butt.


Kate said...

I saw some Fit Flops yesterday at Nordstrom Rack and they were HIDEOUSO. Kind of a camel color leather with moccasin style fringe. They were an abomination.