Customized Silhouette from Lemon Drop Studio

A friend of mine has an Etsy shop called Lemon Drop Studio. She has all kinds of lovely "fresh-squeezed" paper goods but her specialty is customized silhouettes. You send a digital image and she will create a silhouette in 8x10, 5x7, or 4x6 (custom sizes are available upon request). You can choose from 30 color combinations.

She has recently added animals to her line-up so I had her create a silhouette of an Italian Greyhound for me. Not that I'm one of those people that treats their dog like a child (that is a little disturbing, no?) but I do love my Lucy and I think that this is a really fun, cute way to show her off in my house. Italian Greyhound goods are really hard to find and most that I have found are, well, hideous.

Thanks Shauna!!!


Shauna said...

Natalie! Thanks so much for the shout-out! You're the best! Wish Lucy could see how cool the silhouette looks! Just describe it to her!


Anne Good said...

Very cool! I have an half of an Italian Greyhound (the other half is Jack Russell terrier). The energy of that dog could power a small town for days! :)