Ode to the Anthropologie Marketing Team

I love Anthropologie. Love love love it. It is probably my favorite store in the whole wide world...well, it and Barneys. So OK, I guess I have two favorite stores. Like Barneys, everything in Anthropologie is hand picked for its supreme loveliness. Everything from the window display to the personalized dressing rooms to the furniture used to display all of the lovely clothes and home goods.

Mom gave me an Anthropologie gift card for my birthday (for the record, it was spent on the most AMAZING over-the-knee Frye boots approximately 20 minutes after I received it). Even the gift cards are lovely.

The front says "A Little Birdy Told Me"

The To/From card is a little egg tucked into a nest. Natch!
The gift card itself is so fun. The text reads: "likes, wants, wishes, desires, fancies, longings, cravings, loves, musts, needs, hankerings, end-all be-alls, yens, hopes, crushes, passions, have to haves, can't live withouts, puppy loves, aspirations, yearnings, soft spots, itches, fascinations, hungers, thirsts, urges...ANTHROPOLOGIE".
Yes yes yes. All of those things describe my new Frye boots.
Last year I joined Anthropologie's ANTHRO program. There aren't a huge amount of benefits - sometimes there are special discounts and you never have to have your receipt for purchase returns or exchanges. But that's not really the point of the Anthro program. The point is to open your mailbox with excitement every day, hoping that one of their direct mail pieces is in there.
For my birthday, there was this:

The front says "So..." (it was actually buttoned up when I received it originally)

Inside was a card that read "Celebrate!" and a 5% discount coupon that could be used anytime during my birthday month. Yay!

So what is the point of all of this? Join the Anthro club, if only for the lovely lovely direct mail pieces. It's so rare to see this type of marketing. Yes, I am a marketing nerd, but I think it should be loved and cherished. HUGS!!


a bunch of BS said...

I join in your praise and ode to Anthropologie. Did you know each store has a visual team of 5 more strictly devoted to the store layout and design?? Oh to have such a job. Imagine being the one getting to decide and hang each perfect detail...

MW said...

Ohhhhh man do I miss Anthropologie. I need a fix so badly but that won't happen till October.