No, I'm not a breast feeding mother.

Last weekend we were shopping for baby essentials with Janaan. Wow. There is an entire world of products out there, in aisles that I have never even walked down before. We were looking at bottles and nipples and pacifiers. Yes, there is an entire aisle at most stores dedicated to just these things. Mom assured Janaan that she would be standing in that aisle, over and over again, saying 'let's give this one a try'. (For the record, Mom thinks that Nuk's are the best.) In this aisle you also find breast feeding aids. Janaan remarked that Angie Harmon uses Lansinoh Lanolin on her lips. This piqued my interest immediately. I am always looking for new lip balms and dry skin essentials. So I bought some.

I am hooked on this stuff. It is THICK and RICH and lasts FOREVER. It doesn't taste like anything, and is totally safe to ingest anyway since it's all natural. It is great on your lips but it also works on any other dry area you might want to address - hands, elbows, feet, etc. The only problem is that you're carrying around this big purple tube that says in GIANT BOLD ITALICIZED LETTERS "For Breastfeeding Mothers".

Personally, I think that the Lansinoh people are missing out on a real market opportunity. They should take a cue from the Aquaphor people, who have expanded their market greatly beyond the diaper rash category, and launch a version of this that is a little more non-breast-feeding-friendly. This would make the product more appealing to say, men, for example.

ANYWAY, a two-ounce tube was ~$9.00 at K-Mart and Babies-R-Us. I found it for around ~$7.00 at Tar-jay and bought a back-up for my travel kit.


Kate said...

Hey! A new use for my old tubes which are no longer needed by my ta-tas! Oh, and MAM has the best pacifiers. :)

zobars said...

I have used them to treat small patches of dry skin on my son's arms and chapped lips are wonderfully unchapped by it too.

Les Franglais said...

Nat -- best bottles and teats are TOMMY TIPPEE... hands down. the bottle design is fabulously cool but they also have the best teat on the market and closest to the natural breast. I breastfed Lou and he never had an issue with switching from breast to teat with those. If you cant find them in the US, I'll ship you some from the UK for Janaan. xoxo